It is reported that the Saudis have made very substantial contributions to the Clinton campaign. I think the Saudis have contributed about a third of the entire Clinton campaign budget, an amount that is greater than the entire Trump primary campaign budget. I am not positive on this, but their contributions have been substantial.

Never mind your beliefs that Bush lied, the reasons we fought the Gulf Wars was to keep the Saudis happy. We have defense treaties with them to ensure a supply of oil. It is that simple. Saddam made them nervous. I believe Obama assisted Iran with their pursuit of of the bomb to achieve a certain parity in the region. He probably believed we unfairly assisted the Saudis.

So what are the Saudis to do? They are now at a regional disadvantage. Obviously their plan is to invest in the next administration. They need more influence in the region. It may be military or diplomatic influence, or more likely both. In addition they need to assure that they will have a market for their products. Domestic energy security on our part would not be good for them.

A Saudi influence in the next administration would probably mean less energy security for our country. Additionally we would be at a greater risk of military intervention in the Gulf to protect our, and the Saudi interests.


4 thoughts on “Saudism

  1. The Clintons would happily tke money from Satan if he offered but that doesn’t imply that they are pro-evil. Their level of insincerity is so complete that bribing them doesn’t really buy preferential treatment.

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  2. Hi Ernie, I believe that was the methodology used by the Bush family. I will use ENRON as an example. The Bush administration took the money, and did not deliver results. That is why the Clinton dynasty is successful. Of course an even larger Quid Pro Quo will change their loyalty. It’s just business.


  3. Enron was a special case, they got so greedy that they came to believe their own bullshit and counted on everybody else to do so as well. They were beyond saving. Clintons equally greedy but never lose their connection to reality.


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