Island Blossoms

Close your eyes and visualize beautiful island blossoms, for you will never believe this true story.

Unlike most people, I was truly excited to vote in this election. Really, for the first time in my life I was excited to vote. Previously it had always been a civic duty. After voting, I stood at the polls for a couple of hours talking with people. It was very apparent that other people were very excited to vote. My town had something like an eighty five percent turnout. I had a nice chat with a Hillary lady, and gave a Trump sign to another lady who was thrilled to hold it. Previously to that moment she had kept her politics to herself and her father. I mostly listened, but I did share a few of my campaign experiences.

During this campaign I was quietly determined to show my support for Donald Trump. I am not comfortable knocking on doors or making campaign calls. So I figured I could put up some campaign signs. During the primary I had disappointing results putting up signs, but I learned that it was OK to put them on State Roads. So I put out a dozen Trump signs along State roads where there were other campaign signs. In a matter of days they all disappeared. I was heartbroken. The other signs were there, but the Trump signs were gone. They even disappeared from the end of my driveway. I thought there might be a local nut.

I talked with other Trump supporters and they all had the same problem. Trump signs had a half life that could be measured in a few days. There was a shortage of Trump signs in the county. To help with the cause I drove across the state with my Truck to get a load of twenty four by eight campaign signs for the county. Local volunteers started to put up the big signs with the thought that big signs would not disappear. Wrong. A call was made to the police, and the next day the was a front page photo made the local paper showing a small Hillary sign that was run over by a car. There were a few large Hillary signs in town, and none were vandalised. Trump supporters have respect.

Demoralized I had given up on signs, I would only drive my Trump Truck, defensively. Why plant signs when they would only be ripped up by the roots. New Hampshire was a battleground state. Then during the last week, Claremont was listed as a battleground city. The superpacs converged. Superpacs of all affiliations. Signs were sprouting up everywhere. Little barren traffic islands that had just a few signs now had hundreds.

Great big beautiful Trump signs started springing up alongside the state roads. Financed by small donations from around the country these beautiful signs had the half life of a few hours. The few Hillary signs in town suddenly become decorated with with big pink signs proclaiming “Her Lies Matter”.  This was war.

As I drove my Trump Truck, I was pleased. I could see, at times three big beautiful Trump signs at once. I could see hundreds of smaller Trump signs at a time. Then there were the thousands of other signs. Suddenly these were different roads, more colorful than the peak of autumn foliage. In the city of Claremont the traffic islands blossomed with color.

Encouraged, the night before the election I placed my remaining signs discreetly on the roads leading to the local polling station. Once again I was going to play my small part. It turned out that my candidate Trump won the national election. I was pleased. Today it was announced that Trump had very narrowly lost the State of New Hampshire. For that I was sad. But then I received an email from the Trump county chair. It turned out that Trump had won the country. A long time blue county had turned red. For that I was happy.

I do not care what you’re political affiliation is. However if there is ever a battleground city in a battleground state nearby, take a drive. It is truly beautiful. Today I went to retrieve the last signs I had put out. They were all gone. Beauty in politics is rare, and fleeting. I wish I had taken pictures.




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