Wednesday morning all the deplorable Trumpkins gave each other a high five, then went back to work. That’s what they do. Wednesday afternoon Hillary’s basket of deplorables (to turn a phrase) went protesting, with some even rioting. That’s what they do. Wednesday evening the privileged elite resumed stringing together random negative words into long rambling and incoherent sentences. That’s what they do. So really, what’s changed?

Well, half the population is absolutely incredulous. They had been promised a glorious coronation of the first female president in America. Instead they get that ridiculed lout Trump. How could that possibly be? The Trumpkins know the answer.

Could the media have been lying to America? False polls, false stories, false agenda. What was media bias turned out to be absolute media collusion. Most of America probably doesn’t agree with with that view, yet. Remember this. The media lied.

I am the first to say Donald Trump is not perfect. However, ninety five percent of the negative stories about Donald Trump are false. How do I get that number? Ninety five percent of media contributions to politicians are to Democrats. They have the motivation to shape public opinion to their own selfish goals. This time they pushed to far to advance their own agenda.

I think the result will be fewer people will truly trust the media. People will be influenced, but will they really trust the media. Even Democrats will realise, the media lies.

Update: It is really a mistake to have a title of “Yahoo” in a piece about how the media lies. It really is sad that the media lies to us. The Yahoo was my unintended exuberance about proving in my mind that what the media says about me are lies. All in all, this is a very sad story.


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