The Question Unasked

Nobody has asked why I really support Donald J Trump. A quick answer would be because he is not a politician. But it is more than that.

I love to mow the lawn, so I have respect for people with a nice lawn. Donald J Trump has sixteen golf courses. In my mind, WOW! With that many lawns, the man has my respect. For that reason alone I decided to support him.

So I understand we all have our reasons for choosing our respective candidates so I did not tell anyone how to vote, or make a judgement on someone’s choice of candidate. I may wonder why someone may choose a candidate though. Most of the time I can understand a person’s choice.

Muslim extremists killed my best friend, he had volunteered after 9/11 and died of brain cancer that was caused by the rubble from the collapse. It was a slow and painful death. He was one of the smartest people I know, and I enjoyed talking politics with him. It’s a continuation of a religious issue that has gone on for more than a millennium. It is deserving of discussion.

I respect people’s involvement with politics. Even if a person supports a political opponent, I have respect. There are many fewer Hillary signs than Trump signs around here. Unlike Trump signs, they remain undisturbed. However my view is a person has a right to their point of view. Systematic violation of those rights does not make for a democracy.

My grandmother was a teacher in a number of one room schoolhouses. When she was a child, her teacher was Robert Frost. His most famous poem was Mending Walls. The final line was, Good walls make for good neighbors. Orderly immigration would be much better than the chaos we now have on the southern border.

I have had the great privilege to shake Donald J Trump’s hand. I have also chatted with Donald J Trump Jr. I didn’t have to pay for that privilege, all I did was carry the Trump sign.

I believe Donald listens to the American People.


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