It’s A Tsunami

60 extra minutes tonight, because we set the clocks back today. So I have really run out of things to say, anything I have to say would be a repeat of something I said before. However I have given myself sixty minutes to write something new.

First, I have really enjoyed myself during this campaign. Seems most people are unhappy about the whole thing, but I am not. I have participated, and I believe that I have made the right choice. Although Trump’s critics claim he, and my support of him, will bring the apocalypse, I disagree. I am happy to have voiced my opinion, even if it’s just writing words in Bubbatrump, and driving around the Trump Truck and putting up signs.

If the Republicans had not chosen Trump, they would have ended up with just another partisan politician. Would that partisan politician won the general election? Would people have believed the lies the the Clintons would have told about that particular politician? Personally I believe that Trump has a stronger pushback against the lies. The lies have become so absurd the the general population does see them as lies.

How much of an effect has Wiki Leaks had? Mainstream media has all but ignored Wiki Leaks. For much of the population they are irrelevant, some sort of Russian interference in our process.

Three days to the election, and the polls will say whatever you like them to say. Mainstream polls have Hillary by a nose, but do you believe mainstream media? I don’t. But at this point I am not going to make a prediction, I have made my predictions. In three days I will say Yipee!

I believe that have not told anyone how to vote. Furthermore, I have not mentioned politics unless someone else has mentioned it first. I treat my participation as a learning experience in how politics works. I view my carrying the Trump sign as a First amendment right. Honestly, I was surprised by how much anger and danger it brought. Absolutely nobody asked me why I was doing it. A very few people asked me about Donald Trump. A very lot of people approved by giving the thumbs up.

The biggest mystery to me is the absolute disparity between the city and the country political beliefs. I may be generalizing, but city folks seem to like Hillary, and country folks like Trump. I can understand rich people liking Hillary, though I don’t think that the reasons are nice. I can fully understand why the media and entertainment industries like Hillary, but I believe that it is absolutely despicable that they lie for her.

We all have our reasons for what we do. I care about my country, and am glad to be here. There may be better places in this world, but I am here. I listen to NPR, watch CNN, and read the WSJ. During this election cycle I have also watched Fox and MSNBC. I even listened to Rush and Howie Carr when I was on vacation. I have checked many internet sites and do refer to the Drudge Report. I usually don’t believe something unless it’s in more than one sector of the media. Or, if I experienced something myself.

Actually I have more to say, but my hour is up. Enjoy your leap hour.


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