I am an American Indian Muslim, and I do not get much respect.

My father was born into the Sioux Nation. His father, my Grandfather was a missionary. He built a small machine shop and was teaching the Indians how manufacturing would make their lives better. Wonder where I get my interest in manufacturing from? However most people, including myself, consider me to be a detestable Pilgrim. If my father was born into the Sioux Nation, I must be at least half American Indian.

The oldest book in my home is the Koran. It belonged to my Great Great Grandfather. If the oldest book in my home, and by a good margin, is the Koran, I must be Muslim. I have never been in a Mosque, however I have been in many churches. So most people think I am a despicable Christian. Maybe I should visit a Mosque. I used to have a bible, but somehow it moved on to a better place. So I have recently replaced it.

So I really should play up that I am an American Indian Muslim. Then I should be able to get to the front of the affirmative action line. At least that was my plan, until two weeks ago. Now I can just be happy being me.


One thought on “Am I An AIM

  1. Almost everybody in America has a mixed heritage but almost everybody who assimilates our western secular culture manages to live a prosperous life. What you are now is far more important than your grandfather’s life.


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