Keene’s Steakhouse

My part in this election is over. Confident that I have done the right thing it’s time for me to put my feet up and enjoy the show. Then I see a tweet on the news, Donald Trump and family had snuck out for a steak dinner at Keene’s  Steakhouse. There was a photo too. The photo shows a number of airplanes hanging from the ceiling. As I like to hang out at Keene Airport this looks like a cool place to me.

So I decided to look up Keene’s Steakhouse. It doesn’t exist!  Somewhat disappointed that there was no steakhouse wIth the Keene name, I wondered where the Trump family did go. There is a Keen’s Steakhouse in New York. So I googled that, and it looks similar, but no planes hanging from the ceiling. Maybe Trump and company never snuck out and he has his own steakhouse in Trump Tower. Mr Trump certainly likes his planes, I would not be surprised if he likes trucks and tractors too. It would be way cool if he called his own steakhouse Keene’s. That is within driving distance for me.

Why would he do that? Well one of his first big political rallies was in Keene. Maybe it was where Trump and family decided to go Big League in politics. Or maybe there is some other unknown reason. After some further googling I discovered that the Trump clan had visited the steakhouse at the 21 Club. There are planes hanging from the ceiling at the 21 Club. Could be some confused person didn’t really know where they were, or how to spell. The reality is most likely the latter. However the idea of a mysterious Keene’s Steakhouse that celebrates the Trump clan’s pursuit of politics and pays homage to manufactured items hanging from the ceiling and is more appealing to me.

I want it to be a thing.


2 thoughts on “Keene’s Steakhouse

  1. So, now I know that you’re somewhere near Keene, NH, good that’s where I went to HS.My reading of the steakhouse deal implied that it was inbside the Trump Tower. Not likely they would travel to NH for a meal.


    1. Hi Ernie , The Trump clan did sneak out to eat at the 21 Club in Manhattan. It is a place that is known more for its drinks than it’s food. That would likely explain a confused tweet from a young Bloomberg reporter. However in High Steaks politics (pun intended) there is always the possibility of a red herring or a wild goose.

      Reportedly Trump has a favorite table there. That is interesting because Donald is a teatotaler.


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