Vox Populi, Vox Dei!

Congratulations to President Elect Donald J Trump and his family on his new job. He now works for all of us. He arrives unencumbered by partisanship or debit. In his path, the greatest challenge of his life. A challenge ten thousand times greater than his greatest building.

It was just a week ago that the people spoke. They spoke with a voice that surprised most everyone. The people spoke with a voice that makes history. Together the people spoke with a voice of strength. It was with a vote, that a voice was given to revolution.

So far all the principles have said the right thing. Donald and Hillary were gracious. Barack has been accommodating. Both parties are in the process of realigning their priorities. This is in my view a good thing. The media, while slightly stunned, has doubled down on its rhetoric. Challenges do lay ahead.

Compared to some of the historic times of the past, we have it good. With effort we can make life great. For this I pray.


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