The Medal Of Freedom

Aye, I am beginning to understand.

Yesterday President Barack Obama awarded 21 Medal Of Freedom Awards. The local news media highlighted three of the recipients. Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Springsteen. The cream of the privileged elite. What these people have to do with freedom I have no idea. Ellen, highlighted by the media is nothing more than a very well paid host to a daily hour long commercial. At best these people indoctrinate compliant masses into commercialism. Unbelievable these people are awarded the Medal Of Freedom.

Of course I have my own list. How about the inventor of PokeMon Go. This little app managed to get millions of people outside. How about Elon Musk, delivering us from our addiction to oil, and giving us self driving cars. Or even Matt Drudge, giving us an alternative media to counterbalance the mainstream. Then there are a couple of personal favorites, the inventor of earbuds, giving us the ability to take our music with us. Finally Wikipedia, something that gives us the ability to look up more reliable facts. I am sure there are many other unsung heroes that have benefited our lives.

So I look up who some of the other recipients are. Actually there are some pretty good people. A couple of programmers and a mathematician, would top my list. Bill and Melinda Gates made the list along with an artist and an architect. Finally an educator and an advocate finish off my list of the deserving. The rest are mass media entertainment.

I am beginning to understand. The media doesn’t care about the actual heroes. They promote their own heroes in self aggrandizement. The media will favour those who enable their dreams of aggrandizing their own. They are doing well, more than half of the recipients were fluff.


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