The Emanuel Nine

The Emanuel Nine represents a truly amazing grace, and in my opinion deserving of the Medal Of Honor. I am humbled by the truth, justice, compassion, hope and faith of the nine. Of all the news last year, it was the the faith of the Emanuel Nine that I found to be the most moving.

After years of strife emphasized by the media culminated in the ultimate act of cowardice and hate by a truly lost soul. Unfortunately this will be back in the news soon. I hope that the Christian faith of the Nine is not forgotten in the news. For it is the ultimate part of the story. For us, our faith should rule. The media, and it’s associates would like to scrub faith from our lives.

I am no expert on faith, however it is needed in life. Personally, I believe that simple work provides focus and faith. I am talking avocation or vocation, something that is missing from the lives of the troubled.

The Emanuel Nine was the last big news event before the election, now it may be back in the news after the election. Somehow I hope faith becomes part of the media story.


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