President Hassan

I still hear people defend President Biden, yet it is a half-hearted defense at best. I have not heard a single person say what a great person Kamala Harris is. The party is in trouble. Get rid of Joe and you have Kamala. Get rid of Kamala and you have President Pelosi. Think that would work?

Sure there would be people that would rejoice in the first female presidency. That would be OK. There is nothing wrong with being first. Yet at the end of the day policy matters.

Recently I have been bewildered by a plethora of commercials on the local TV station when I watch the morning news extolling the virtues of our Senator Maggie Hassan. It is not an election year, yet there are even more commercials for Maggie then there were during the election. She is portrayed in a very Republican manner with farmers, working people and veterans. If you go way back in this blog you may find I have written about her once or twice.

In the evening I watch a bit of national cable news. More commercials for Maggie. Surprising that they would pay for national coverage for local non election support. My thought that the local spots were just a kind of reminder to the local station “remember who pays your salaries” so when election time roll around they would know who their friends are. But the national coverage, a bit of a mystery. Occasionally I watch a bit of “alternative” news as a counter balance. Hard core Republican support news you might say. Of course I was stunned to see another Maggie Hassan commercial. I think no amount of advertising revenue would change their political bias.

Perplexed I began to wonder if Maggie was going to start selling pillows. Sometimes I check out Instagram, there was Maggie. Facebook too! I have to imagine that the outlays are massive. There is some serious funding behind Maggie.

Normally I watch things like the apolitical Science Channel. Yup there’s Maggie. This is much bigger than some local stage. I figure the ambition must be presidential. Not sure how it will all play out. Yet you heard it hear first.


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