Let’s Go Brandon

Three simple words, that could get you fired if you were to say them in the wrong place. Censorship is real, and this is the proof. The three words are simply a meme, expressing displeasure with the current political regime.

I do not get out much so I really do not know how widespread the displeasure is. Expressing displeasure is not a new thing. Four years ago pink hats were all the rage. Unfortunately pink hats also advocated actual rage and violence. Yet to my knowledge no one was fired for wearing a pink hat.

Let’s go Brandon is no call for violence. It is expression of embarrassment. For there are things that can not be said. Like pooping the pants when talking to the Pope. That simply becomes an incident, not to be reported. Yet fake Nazi plants become national news in a local race.

My brother went to buy gas and the was a picture of Joe pointing out the price of the purchase and underneath the image was was the saying “I did that”. The next time I bought gas the same image and saying was also on my fuel pump.

Adding a sticky to a fuel pump is a minor act of vandalism. Yet it is not burning down the fuel station. I am thinking of what was called mostly peaceful protests.

Thank you pink hats. You have brought us change.


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