The Liability of Liability

Organizations exist for different reasons. Educational or entrepreneurial, philanthropic or holistic, they all have an overriding concern. Liability, or the exposure to Lliability. As a member and participant of different organizations I see a pattern. The concern about liabilities affects the ability to make decisions. In fact just the concern about liability shapes the actions of the organizations.

In my view this is not productive behavior. Unfortunately it is what people think about. Such is our society. We wast time and effort being concerned about liability. We won’t make decisions because we worry about liability. Opportunities and time wasted is massive. Why? Lawyers? I am not sure. Yet we are at a disadvantage.

Go to the hospital and the cost will be something like a thousand dollars a hour. Who pays? Not everyone has insurance. Plus the insurance company will try to have someone else pay. Shift the blame and have them pay. Yet we all pay.

Typically the government does always do things in the most efficient manner. Though they are pretty good at collecting taxes. You do not truly own anything, you just rent it from the government. What does the government have to do with liability? Part of the problem is the laws and courts that apportion blame.

Would universal health care reduce the cost of liability? I don’t know. If you do something silly and hurt yourself it is nobody’s fault. The government will take care of you. Would the savings of the costs of working about liability make up for the inefficiency of government health care? I certainly do not know. Yet it is not something that I have not heard discussed. I admit the ramifications would be huge.

so I actually do not have an opinion on this. Just a bit of wonderment.


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