Covering (Up) The Truth

The media likes nothing more than a mass shooting. Two in one weekend? Ah, their joy in pontificating assigning blame, and then issuing commandments. Such an unbelievably good weekend for the propagandists. “Trump’s white supremacist followers are shooting and killing innocents” they instantaneously pronounce. It’s a tragedy.

It is a bit early, and there are still known and unknown unknowns in the story. After just under a week a few things have come out. The first shooter allegedly left a manifesto that describes himself as a socialist that dislikes immigration. what seems like an unlikely combination does have a historical precedent. By no stretch would that person be considered a Trump supporter or follower.

The second shooting of the weekend may have been a reaction to the media reporting of the first mass killing. The many reports that a Trump supporter had killed Mexicans may have caused misguided retribution. Social media postings by the second killer indicated that he was a member of Antifa. Violence against Trump supporters is the primary reason for Antifa. Unsurprisingly the press may have triggered violence. Sometimes I wonder if that is their goal.

Unfortunately when the press glorifies violence all I can do is an eyeroll. My words are pretty much unread. I am prejudiced as a deplorable and therefore unworthy of thoughts by some. To point out violence is to be banned. Look what happened to Mitch.

Ironically I was disturbed by the Democrat candidates reaction. They spoke from Las Vegas. They were there speaking at a union convention. Las Vegas is the home of the largest mass shooting in recent history. So many unknowns in that shooting. The killer was dead. No social media history, supposedly there were missing hard drives. The only “witness” traveled to Mexico before appearing on the Ellen Show. Pretty much appeared to be a union assisted cover up. My only real recollection of the Vegas shooter was his brother saying “he was no white supremacist”. If he were living in a polarized world, that would make the the killer a liberal.

In a strange subjugation there is a move that is supposed to come out next month called The Hunt. It is purported to be rich Democrats hunting and killing Trump supporters. So far nothing is known of any plot twists. Incredibly President Trump came out and said that the movie is racist. Not knowing the plot how would he know that? Maybe because all of the rich Democrat killers are white?

Just another unknown.


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