Oh Sheet

I rhetorically asked my wife the other day, I wonder who Jeffrey Epstein pissed off? My wife immediately replied that he was a criminal. I replied what he did was normal behavior in the circles he traveled in. The conversation quickly went downhill from there and I dropped my line of logic.

The man was a player, the biggest house in New York City. The biggest house in New Mexico. His own private islands, an apartment in Paris. A fleet of jets and helicopters. And as many women as a Hip Hop star. He was reported to be incredibly smart, and hung out with the best of people.

Did Trump just say he is a pervert, and to go after him. Or did he screw up and somehow piss someone off. I dunno. Anyway they popped him into jail.

Bloggers said he was going to get suicided. Then it happened. People in the know said that the sheets were made of paper, precisely so people could not suicide themselves. So when the press said he hung himself with a sheet. Yah right. Suicided.

Another unionized facility in a Democrat district. Clarity indeed. So figure some professional thugs took him out. Dead or alive? So far no autopsy. Jeffery was not just any pervert. He was a real smart pervert. Just a guess, but Jeffery had information that some people would want to keep quiet. I am sure that they have already gone though all his computers. So I would also have to presume that Jeffery had a certain amount self preservation built into his methods. As a self identified brilliant person he would certainly try to outsmart any sort of thuggish behavior directed his way.

Was it simply a case of justifiable homicide. Or a professional rub out to cover for someone else’s misdeeds. Will Jeffery speak from beyond the grave with some sort of deadman switch? Would he then be worth listening to? I have no clue.


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