The Fab Four

I am talking about the four congresswoman who are in the news. Young and charismatic, they have an immense following. They seem to be constantly in the news. They consider themselves to be the progressive squad. Although they do not represent me or my district, they have a definite influence. My local congresswoman absolutely beams when she is in their company.

My initial view was that they are just a flash in the pan. I paid little attention to them. They did not seem to know simple math. However the media loves them, and I mean the media on both sides. The Fab Four takes so much air time that there is little room for real news. They have become the face of the progressive agenda.

Over the weekend President Trump trump trolled them on Twitter, hard. Really hard, it is what he does. Now I pay no attention to what people say on Twitter, however I sometimes pay attention to reactions.

So Monday I tuned into The Five, my favorite news show. It is a show with five thoughtful news anchors with different points of view, and they always have one liberal commentator. I do want to listen to the designated liberal, for they typically have a tough job to logically argue their point of view. I no longer listen to CNN, NPR, MSNBC and others. I do want to listen to the voice of an alternative point of view. I get It with The Five. It is not my intention to silence an alternative point of view.

By design or coincidence the Fab Four scheduled a news conference at five. Of course The Five have their news show at five. I presume that by having a news conference the Fab Four wanted to elevate the Trump Tweets to Prime time. Amazingly what we saw was the Fab Four unfiltered, by either positive or negative media coverage. I presume that was the intent of the obviously trolling Trump tweets. Unfiltered coverage of the self described Progressive Squad.

As I watched I agreed with few things they said. what they displayed was simply hate on parade. The press loves these people? I do not understand. Though I do have my explanation that I will get to shortly. I do understand that the Fab Four are duly elected, and represent their districts. Their point of view is the point of view of many people, and they have influence. Being young, they will probably have influence for many years. So it is good that we get to listen to their voice unfiltered.

Young and charismatic, like the Beatles, the Fab Four have a huge and loyal can base. However that is not why I call them the FAB Four. FAB is actually an acronym for “Fascist and Bigoted”. Simply said.

Trump tweets are really rather sophisticated. They are designed for reaction. For example, if the word country was replaced with district the offending tweet would have been a lot more logical. However it would have had nowhere near the reaction it did. As a logical question it would have been ignored. By calling a district a country it emphasizes the importance of the district. The job of representatives is to take care of their districts, or their own little country. The FAB Four have forgotten that. All they care for is personal aggrandizement. President Trump pointed that out with a simple tweet.


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