Dark Energy

As there is dark energy in the universe, there is dark energy in politics. I guess dark energy in politics may be more popularly known as the Deep State. I am not sure if that is correct, as the Deep State is sometimes referred to the unelected bureaucrats making decisions. The dark energy that I refer to is an external influence to the political process.

Because dark energy is not a part of the process, it is not part of the political record. Therefore it is hard to track. I will admit that dark energy effects both parties. I will briefly talk about two sources of dark energy in politics.

The second largest charitable foundation in America is the Soros funded Open Society Foundation. It is somewhat known that they are very generous when it comes to buying politicians. The official line is they are promoting their values, but the reality is they are just buying politicians. Obviously they are not the only ones buying politicians, they are just the biggest spender.

Totally unreported in any media is the influence of Richard Trumka. He is the president of the AFL-CIO. I Googled to find out who he is. I am sure he must have an influence on the machinations of union influence in politics.

it is a bit surprising that someone who would probably have huge influence on politics is so unknown. A bit of Googling was interesting, and scary. I will leave a bit I found on Wikipedia. Richard has a story that he tells about a match. He suggests that if you light a match, you will get burned. He claims that he is not making a threat, just stating a fact.

In my world a match is struck for light, and warmth. Not pain. To deny light, well that is darkness. Yes, there is dark energy in politics.


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