Self Identifying Fascism

I recently saw some sort of poll where forty five percent of the respondents believe that President Trump should be impeached. From what I have seen his only guilt is the inability of Robert Mueller to prove his innocence. With the inability to find crime, the fascist left seemingly has decided that this lack of proof of any crime, is proof of an impeachable cover up.

These people seemingly believe in the framing of an innocent man. Is this just a simple projection of their fascist selfs? Of course they probably don’t realize that is what they think. For they are just the victims of persuasive fascist propaganda. Our government is not a fascist government, at least not yet. However our commercial biased society is. Think Hollywood group think, and everything that group think controls. Then there is Union group think, and the incredible power behind that type of group think. This type of group think is currently so out of control that even the Democrat party can keep up with it.

Is this a genetic reaction of socially insecure control freaks seeking even more control? I do not know the causes. is it a sophisticated coordination for thought control. Absolutely. Could it be a natural genetic reaction to good times? There is no grand and unifying struggle in our age. As I like to say, life is good. However for some people there may be a genetic predisposition for self destructive struggle. As I (and many others) have noticed there is a unity in hatred. I offer for my proof the 45%.

As an observation, the leadership of the fascist left is very well to do. It has been my inclination to believe that as the beneficiaries of our society they are inclined to preserve the status quo. As I do not associate with the dependent class, I realize that they are a unknown that I do not understand. It is my opinion that the two groups combined are the coalition that is the 45% for impeachment.

Even though times are good we live in a deeply corrupt society. President Trump is the revolutionary. We are lucky enough to live in a system that allows for peaceful revolution.


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