Class Action

The genetically superior urbain left has class. They continue to attempt to school me. Of course I am a deplorable and repeatedly remind my betters that I am incapable of being schooled. Can’t blame them from trying though.

An urbain friend of mine recently posted that distillation of ignorance inflamed by fear is hate.  So is hate a marker for ignorance and fear? Could be. Today a congealed snowflake once again fabricated faults with the predictable distillate. I had to remind him that I had shook his hand. Didn’t matter, the distillate was the same.

This is why the rules can’t be the same. Deplorables are seemingly incapable of New thoughts. They need harsher penalties than the genetically superior left. At the same time the rules are justifiably relaxed for the classy urbain. It is so inconvenient trying to school those thick skulled deplorables. Double standards are so righteous when it comes to those right winging deplorables.

Can you imagine if the deplorables started wearing suits.


The preceding rant was prompted by a DC type saying that it would take more than a generation to repair the the damage that President Trump has done. This was after he asked for help and I was trying to save him some money, of which he has plenty.

Urbain is French for urban, no offense intended towards the French.


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