An Epic Saga

I should correct myself, the only reason that we know that Hillary had her own server at home was because John Podesta’s email account was hacked. As far as I know, Hillary’s server itself has not been hacked. So we do not really know what was on the server, it was “cleaned up” before the contents were released. That’s primarily the reason the “Weiner” laptop is such a big deal. It may have emails that may not have been otherwise available.

Huma Aberdeen is actually looking like one of the more respectable members of the Clinton team. She is the only member that I know of that has not been caught doing something despicable. Of course, what Huma did was technically wrong. However she probably didn’t realize it at the time, as everyone around her were doing similar things. I would give her the benefit of the doubt on that one.

The Aberdeen family is involved with the Muslim Brotherhood. I wonder how Huma reconciles the family political views with her own. Obviously Huma has a great passion for Democracy, she does a brilliant job for her chosen candidate. So far as I have seen, she alone, as a member of the Clinton team, has not demeaned or cheated the team’s opponents. Her only mistake was to marry Anthony, and I am sure that was at the suggestion of the Clintons.

Personally I think the Clintons are crooked, it would be interesting to see what was on Hillary’s server. However I do not think it will happen. We will learn a bit more about the contents, however they will be contents about the cleanest member of the Clinton team.

In this epic saga that is this election, we see crooked politicians, crooked media, crooked government, crooked Democrats. In the middle of it all is a person that appears to be a good soul. They will probably throw her under the bus, and the bus will roll on.


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