Trump’s Concession Speech

Could Wiki Leaks finally have finally someone who has hacked Donald Trump’s email? Among assorted random documents is the draft of a concession speech. So let’s see what the future will bring.

My fellow Citizens, even though I have have won the popular vote. Pause. Hillary, pause, has, through trickery, conniving, deceit and pure evilness, has overwhelming won the electoral college. Thus, I support her.

I expect all my supporters to also support the winner of this election, for you will be better off if you do. Hillary has not only dominated the many election commissions, she now controls the IRS and the Justice Department. During the election I have learned that she has almost complete control of the internet. Now that she has won, she will consolidate her control of the internet. She, and her administration, will shortly have complete access and control of the internet. Dissent will not be tolerated. As my many supporters learned, Hillary has had completely controlled what is called the mainstream media. Any type of media that didn’t fully comply with her wishes were called the Alt Media. Through financial manipulation, the Alt Media will soon come to an end. That will be assured.

During the campaign, we assumed that we could speak freely about about the candidates. Elections are part of the democratic process, and the electorate has the right to learn about the candidates and express opinions and support. Those days are now gone. Your future views and actions will be judged on political correctness, as determined by the new administration. So please pay attention. As we learned during the campaign, your safety is at stake.

Soon Hillary and her administration will have monolithic control of the government, media, internet and opinions. Do not allow your opinion to get you into trouble.

Support Hillary, our new leader!

Of course Donald doesn’t do email, so the above is false. Donald does all his communications with Twitter. That of course is public record. Most importantly, Donald doesn’t rehearse. He will deal with the results as they come.


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