Just Ducky

Among the days revelations about the Clinton campaign was one that I thought was rather funny. Hillary wanted to have people dressed as Donald Duck at Trump campaign events. On the face of it, what is wrong with that? As long as Disney gets its royalties, it’s kinda funny. Donald Duck with a comb over, HaHa. Actually it was kind of a relief to find out Hillary actually wanted to mock her opponent instead of his supporters. As far as I’m concerned, mocking a presidential candidate is acceptable behavior. Mocking a candidates supporters or family is not. So actually I support Hillary’s use of Donald Duck.

I Googled around a bit to see if Hillary paid Disney for the use of Donald Duck. I didn’t find any evidence of royalties, however there seems to be some campaign finance laws that were broken. To which I say whatever. We all know Obama will pardon Hillary for any criminality she may have incurred to make the world a better place. There will be no repercussions.

Donald J Trump loves us all, he has said so. He even loves Hillary, because you do need an opponent to campaign against.

My opinion, Hillary is Quackers.


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