Trump Is One Bad Hombre

What was once a nice guy developer that dabbled in the entertainment industry has turned into something that most people find evil and revolting. Even people that plan on voting for him find him repulsive. How can this be? Because the public persona of Donald J Trump has been finally crafted… By Hillary Clinton. Really.

The politics of personal destruction. The Clintons perfected the formula of personal destruction. It is really a simple formula. I shall explain, though not endorse it.

Donald J Trump has probably a thousand hours of public domain video of him. Take the worst fifteen seconds of that video. Making sure it is out of context or situation. Then play it a hundred million times with a completely misleading narrative.

She has now created a pariah, simple and effective. It’s her standard method of operation. It takes a compassionate person to see beyond the incessant negativity. I use the word compassion correctly, for to suffer such continuous negativity is a misfortune.

Unfortunately it’s not just Donald J Trump that is suffering from such negativity, we all are suffering from it. It’s become the focus of our national discourse. Hillary has enshrined negativity as the ultimate tool for her campaign.

It is true that Donald said those things that are not so nice, most people say something they shouldn’t at some point. In a thousand hours of talking, fifteen seconds, or even fifteen minutes can be excused. At one time the press would have just cleaned it up, to protect our children you know.

Nowadays the press can’t get enough advertising dollars as it repeats the negativity. Dollars that unfortunately come from foreign countries seeking to influence our elections. Hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign countries bringing negativity to our children. It’s just not right.

Negativity. It’s not Donald’s fault. When it comes to his opponent, crooked is his favorite word. Personally, I find that kid friendly.


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