Wiki Warfare

When Kerry and Biden announced “limited” cyber attacks against Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks, I wondered what the results would be. There are probably unknown unknowns in cyberber warfare. In the past we have engaged in cyber warfare against the Iranian military. There may be other times I don’t know about. So now the United States will engage a document leaker to prevent him from leaking emails that could be damaging to Hillary’s campaign. Should be simple right?

It’s been four days since Joe Biden announced a “Denial of service attack” on Julian Assange. Seems not to have worked. Wiki has continued with its releases, and today expanded the leaks to include seven key members of the DNC. It is part one of their new “Hillary Leaks” series. Additionally rouge supporters of Julian Assange launched a massive denial of service attack on the U.S. today. If you’re internet seemed slow today, that’s why.

The reason for this cyber war? Hillary considers the emails that Julian is releasing to be stolen. Furthermore because they are stolen the should not be published. Sort of like inadmissible evidence in a court of law. Her detractors say are and should be part of the public record, in part because she was and wants to be a public servant. Any emails generated as a public official are part of the public record.

I find it interesting that Hillary and her campaign had no problems with releasing Donald’s tax returns. Most likely they were also stolen, and even worse, they may have even been stolen by an IRS employee. You really shouldn’t be able to have it both ways.

So Hillary, along with the United States is now involved with a Cyber War with Julian Assange and Wiki Leaks. I will editorially say this is a totally stupid thing, and I truly hope nobody gets hurt.

The unfortunate thing about all this, Mainstream Media will have to learn how to say “Wiki Leaks”, it’s going to hurt.


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