More Lies and Polls

With fourteen days to go I must admit to a certain amount of fatigue. I have cut way down my listening to NPR. The outright lies about Trump supporters has become completely untenable. I struggle with the logic of their motivation. Being a long time Trump supporter that is public with my support, I know more than a few Trump supporters. Some of them public in their support, some not. Not a one of the Trump supporters that I know match the NPR stereotype of a Trump supporter. Such an onslaught of lies against supporters by mainstream media is surprising, and fatiguing. I can’t imagine being an actual candidate.

I must believe that there must be some sort of powerful political motivation for the lies. Going into this election I believed in political bias in the media, however it has turned into so much more. I am still partial to the Unionism theory, though I could be completely wrong. A secondary theory is the Soros agenda of corporate gain from global chaos. In other words, politically sow chaos for financial opportunity. A most disturbing analysis, but there is some evidence of this.

So I must admit, every Trump supporter is concerned about the polls. Turn on the local news and Donald Trump is trailing by double digits. This is funny because Trump supporters believe that the mainstream media has bias. The question thus becomes has media bias manipulated polling data? I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks.


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