A Few Words

Last night I was told Julie had passed, they found her in her apartment. She loved her dogs, horses and books. She was involved with search and rescue dogs. She introduced Tim, her future husband, to service dogs. They both went to Ground Zero after 9/11 to care for the service dogs. Tim developed a rare brain cancer that was common to the first responders at Ground Zero. He died a couple of months ago. Julie took care of him the last years of his life, I am sure it was not an easy thing.

This site is dedicated to Tim, we used to talk politics. I miss those conversations and am indebted to him. I am now indebted to Julie, for I never got to thank her for taking care of Tim. There is much more to this story than I know.

So I just want to say  few words of thanks to those who care.


Twenty One Days To Go

In the last debate, Donald reduced Hillary to a quivering twitching mess. Unable to show herself she has sent out her many surrogates and minions to offer up false and empty  platitudes and promises. Donald meanwhile has set his sights on his greatest adversaries yet, the mainstream media and entertainment industries. These are the bulwarks of Hillary’s regime.

Will Donald J Trump prevail? Or will the massive forces allied with Hillary Rodham Clinton finally snuff out the Trump campaign. Unhappy with with the continuous disclosure of emails from the Hillary campaign President Obama has engaged Wiki Leaks with cyber warfare. At this point it’s unclear who will be the winner. However for those who pay attention, Wiki Leaks paints a picture of massive corruption within the Clinton campaign.

Wiki Leaks also has published evidence of widespread collusion between the Hillary campaign, the government and the media. Hillary’s power is no fantasy. This great wall of interlinked entities that Donald is up against. A most formidable barrier. However my view is such a massive and corrupt organization will collapse from its own internal rot. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. At some point some sort of battering ram will take it down.

Hillary’s minions are frightened and in a panic. They are pulling out all the stops to stop Donald, and they are failing. Their wall, as supported by the polls is still standing. Though if you just pause, you can feel the ground quiver. Hillary’s great wall, composed of the current administration, the Justice department, the IRS and the FBI, the mainstream media, and the entertainment industry, is quivering and shaking. Undermined by the internet and the Alt media the foundations of Hillary’s monolithic and evil empire are crumbling.

Donald and his band of deplorables, who aren’t really bad people, are at the battering ram. Swinging away at at the gates of corruption.

We’ll see what happens in twenty one days.


Mainstream Logic

I am really trying to figure out the logic behind mainstream media. During the first debate Donald J Trump brought up the national debt a number of times, by logic it would be a topic of of discourse. However the national discourse became Trump’s taxes. The second time around Donald mentioned a number of things, however all the discussion revolved around the grabbing of the “P” word. Really? Isn’t that what the entertainment industry is all about? This is what the media wants to talk about? Of all the things, this is what they talk about.

Minstream media, or what I like to call unionized media is under the complete control of Hillary and the DNC. Unions are no longer for working people. The vast majority of union members are government, entertainment, and media employees. For whatever reason, they are beholden to the Democratic party.

Of course there is another media. Hillary calls that media “Alt Media” she does not approve of Alt Media, maybe that is why she doesn’t like me. Or more likely, she cannot control the commentary in Alt Media. The alternative media picks up stories that may not be approved. For example a Romanian cab driver claimed to have hacked Hillary’s email. The result is Hillary then claimed to have released all her emails. Well of course she didn’t. Now the rest of her emails are being released by Wiki Leaks. There are things in those emails that Trump supporters think are illegal. The Main Stream Media never reports on that. The Main Street Media really likes to degenerate Trump supporters though. Hillary even calls for intervention or reeducation of what they call Trumpkins or Trumpsters.

Of course Hillary is not happy about Wiki Leaks publishing her emails. She blames Russia and is willing to engage in Cyber Warfare if she determines the leaks to be damaging. Mainstream Media, it’s her fault! We do not need to be involved in Cyber Warfare. Instead the Mainstream Media attacks Trump and his supporters. They whip up public hatred against Trump and his supporters. As far as I know, Trump has never attacked Hillary supporters. Though he has said some unkind words about the media.

Of course the well to do and wealthy support Hillary. This I do not understand. Do they only look at Mainstream Media? Do they not look at Alt Media? Drive by the wealthy communities and you will see lots of Hillary signs. Drive by the poor communities and you will see lots of Trump signs. Then they like to say smart people support Hillary. I consider myself average, or half of people are smarter then I. I recognize that. So you would think that all these people that are smarter than I could explain why Hillary would be the right choice. The only reason is that they are smarter than I, and that is not logical.

So Hillary is mad at the Russians. The Russians are an autocratic nation that is run by an Oligarchy. Any dissidents are diminished. In my mind that sounds like what having Hillary for president would be like. So the smart people would prefer to be in Russia?

I have to a certain extent embedded myself in the Trump campaign. I have met some really nice and caring people. None of them are bad people. I know that what the Mainstream Media says about them is not true. They don’t care about partisanship, or ideology. They want what is right. The right is somewhat undefined, but they Trust Trump to find it.

So I don’t understand Mainstream Logic, I guess I am just stupid.

Round Two, The Decision

Watched some of the commentary about the debate. Unsurprisingly it was all over the map. Different polls had Trump up by two thirds, or down by two thirds. There was some spelling out of policy on immigration in the debate, but as far as I could see the media left that alone.

At one point Trump mentioned letting Russia handle ISIS. To me this is an interesting concept, currently we are fighting on both sides of multiple middle eastern conflicts. I believe that we are involved to protect our oil interests, we could just walk out and buy our oil from Russia. Then again Trump says he will beat the hell out of ISIS, so who knows. Hillary, who bears part of the blame for the messes, wants to arm the Kurds. Essentially an expansion of a already big mess. The Kurds are one of the few peoples in the middle east we have not armed. However during the Bush administration we protected the Kurds with a no fly zone.

Then there was the claim by Hillary that she has millions of people fact checking Trump. Seems that fact checking is the new spin. Her main point is that Trump brags about assaulting women, Trump countered by bringing women assaulted by Bill, or a victim of a rapist that was defended by Hillary to the Debate. Main Stream Media completely ignored that fact. I am truly saddened that the national debate has degenerated into a he said she said arguments. However I also believe that this degeneration has been brought about by the media

At the end of the debate, Hillary said she respects Donald’s children, I wholeheartedly agree, my Facebook profile picture is me arm in arm with Donald Trump Jr. At the end Donald said he respects Hillary’s fighting ability, and the fact that she does not give up. To that I also wholeheartedly agree. As of Columbus Day, every single Trump sign that I have put out by the roadsides has been removed.

The Town Hall

Hillary talks about healing, Trump agrees. Then adds we can we be better. The moderator brings up locker room talking. Anderson Cooper then gives Donald J Trump the third degree. Hillary then declares Donald is not fit to be President. Then dresses him down as a sexist and racist. Donald says Hillary is just words and nothing more.

First question, Trump are you the man that walked off that bus. Answer, Bill and Hillary engage in much worse behavior. Hillary than came out with her standard talking points. Trump then said that Michelle is no friend of Hillary. Then Trump says he will get a special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s email. Hillary then says everything Trump says is wrong. She has millions of people fact checking Trump. Trump then says “she belongs in jail” the crowd roared. Hillary says she takes classification seriously. Trump says she doesn’t even know what the C means in classification.

Next question, how to fix Obama care, Hillary says she will fix it, and there are big benefits to having insurance from your employer. If Obama care is repealed you will loose your benefits from your employer. Trump says to repeal and replace it with something better, something that will use competition instead of a single payer system. Hillary says Bill was right when he said Obama care is crazy.  However you cannot tear it up and throw it away. Trump says his plans will be so good because he will have competition.

How will you deal with Islamaphoba, Trump says Muslims will have to report bad activity. Hillary says Muslims are good, and should be part of homeland security. She welcomes Muslims. Trump says he would have never gone to Iraq, he would implement “extreme vetting” of people from Syria. In addition Muslim countries do not take in Syrian refugees. Hillary says Donald will ban people biased on religion. Hillary then says Donald is a recruiting agent for ISIS. Donald says another problem with a porous border is the flow of drugs.

The next question was is it permissible to have a two faced politician? Hillary says Lincoln was, and the Russians are hacking our election to influence the election for Donald Trump. Also Trump should release his taxes. Trump says Hillary says Hillary accused Honest Abe of lying. Donald says we should get along with our neighbors. Donald also says he has no dealings with Russia. Then he says Hillary’s super rich friends pay less taxes than him. Then they give Hillary money to run negative adds on me. Then he says Hillary will raise taxes. Hillary says everything Donald says is not true. Donald will be a massive gift to the rich. Hillary says she voted to close tax loopholes. Hillary says Donald pays zero in taxes, that means no money for government. Donald replies that he followed the rules that Hillary implemented to help her friends. Hillary says Obama and Hillary created the vacuum that allowed ISIS in 32 countries. Hillary then said she helped adoption rules, healthcare rules, and other legislation.

Back to the child in Alepo Syria. Hillary says the situation in Syria is catastrophic, and we need leverage with the Russians. Also we need to work with our partners on the ground. Russia is not to be trusted, and they need to be held accountable. Trump says our nuclear program is a disaster. Trump says Assad and Russia is killing ISIS. Trump says Obama made Iran stronger. Trump says why do we have to broadcast our military intentions. Hillary says she would not use military ground forces in Syria, however she would use special forces. She hopes ISIS will soon be defeated. Also she would arm the Kurds.

Absolutely Trump says he will be a devoted president for all the people. Unlike Hillary labeled some Americans deplorable. Trump says he will do more than talk in rebuilding the inner cities. Hillary says sixtyseven percent of voters voted to reelect her in her last election. She then referred to her anti Trump TV commercials. Asked about deplorable, she said it’s not his supporters, it’s him, and the lack of his apology. Trump says we have a divided nation, and is because of hate her hart.

Trump then defended his Twitter activity. Hillary says the job deserves better.

Hillary says the Supreme Court should reverse Citizens United, and stick with Roe vs Wade. Also a Supreme Court that is not favoring corporate interests. Trump says he would replace the deceased Justice with a like minded justice. Then he says why doesn’t Hillary fund her own campaign, otherwise she is just taking special interest money.

Trump says the EPA is killing our energy industry, we should use clean coal. We need to bring back our workers. Hillary says China is dumping steel and Donald is buying it to build his buildings. Hillary says we should be energy independent, by creating millions of new jobs.

Last question, what do you respect about your opponent. Hillary says she respects Donald’s children. Donald says he respects, Hillary’s respect of his children. He also says he has respect because Hillary doesn’t quit, she is a fighter.

Good debate, I enjoyed it.

Round Two!

First let me congratulate those who will watch the town hall tonight. For I assure you that tomorrow the news will be filled with lies made by people paid to shape your opinion for personal gain. That being said, time to watch the debate!

In the blue corner, a lifetime politician that has travelled the world and has counted the White House as a previous residence. With her in her corner are the IRS, the Justice Department and of course the media.

In the red corner, a potty mouthed entrepreneur that has just entered politics. With him in his corner, a basket of deplorables, and not much else.

It’s really shaping up to be a David and Goliath type of event. Nobody expects Trump to win, except his deplorable supporters. However in the background a different fight is breaking out between Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Donald compares himself favorably to Bill, who was a very popular president. Of course Hillary finds no comparison between them. Bill got a pass.


Trump Make Hurricane Disappear

I had been watching hurricane Matthew. After devastating Haiti (What has the Clinton Foundation done for Haiti?), then ravaging the Bahamas (Been there, what a beautiful place), Matthew approaches the U.S.mainland. Matthew was the biggest hurricane to approach the east coast in over a decade. The hurricanes approach from the Bahamas was slow, as it gained strength. How bad would it be. Millions of people were evacuating along the entire southeast coast. Tension was building.

I went on a road trip to collect some 4 x 8 Trump Signs for the local campaign. I forget how bad the radio is in the truck, so I ended up listening to NPR asking for money. I one point I hear that the eye of hurricane Mathew has touched the coast.

With friends in Florida and the Carolinas I am following the effects of Matthew, when I get home I checked the news. To my surprise the hurricane has disappeared. It seems Donald Trump said a few words and the hurricane has disappeared from the news.

Aye, the power of the media, it is greater than any hurricane. A few words said over a decade ago has greater influence than the biggest hurricane in a decade.

At least he didn’t use the “C” word.

Vice President Debate Wrapped

Actually I was a bit pleased that the media was not in lockstep in their misrepresentations of the VP debate. I actually saw some rather accurate representations, and of course rather deplorable misrepresentations of the debate. The bias of various media organisations did not disappoint. I can not blame people for not watching the news.


It may not a big applause line, but manufacturing is important to rebuilding our economy. Manufacturing is what creates wealth. Trade, while necessary, concentrates wealth.

Previously I used to say I vote for whoever my lobbyist tells me to, now I vote for the candidate that supports manufacturing.

Pence and Kaine, The Debate

The Debate started with good questions from the moderator. Pence came off as polite. Kaine as belligerent, interrupting a number of times. Kaine went down his laundry list and kept on making references to Trump’s TV show The Apprentice. Pence mentioned the debt we are in, and the struggle of the working people. Pence talked about the Trump business. Kaine, said that doesn’t matter, show me the taxes.

A bit of arguing over taxes, then how to support the police. Kaine said police should be community biased. Pence also agreed with community biased, however the police should also have community respect. Pence said the focus should not be on police bias. Kaine then went to say bias was important. Pence then countered that bias should not be assumed.

Kaine then went on the attack to Trump’s potty mouth. Pence then talked about stopping illegal immigration. Pence also mentioned all the endorsements of immigration and police associations. Kaine said that Trump was a campaign of insulting. Pence replied that Hillary called Donald’s supporters deplorable. Kaine then went on to talk about all sorts of nonsense. Pence then said we need to be a nation with boarders, with immigration reform.

Kaine says that terrorism is decreasing, and Hillary will defeat terrorism. Then more Trump trashing. Pence said that America is less safe because of the current administration and Hillary, ISIS was born because of their failings, and we are back at war in Iraq.

How should we vet our immigrants was asked of Pence. Kaine wouldn’t let him answer. He just started arguing about discrimination. Pence said cyber warfare is the new warfare. Then arguing about Hillary’s server.

Is the U.S. responsible for Syria was asked, Pence says we owe the people of Syria. We should establish safe zones. We need to meet Russia with a position of strength. Kaine says Hillary will stand up to Putin, where Donald loves Putin and would be in Putin’s pocket, and we need to go to fifth grade civics. Besides Donald doesn’t pay taxes.

Kaine says Donald is a fool that will cause nuclear proliferation. Hillary stopped Iran from getting the bomb, and killed Bin Laden. Kaine repeated this every time Pence started a sentence. When finally allowed to speak, Pence motioned to Kaine and said that this is what Washington is like. Then said we have a an economy sixteen times larger than the Russian economy, and we should negotiate from a position of strength.

Pence says the Pacific rim should put pressure on North Korea, and negotiate from a position of strength. Pence then said that foreign governments are influencing U.S. politics through the Clinton Foundation. Kaine then said the Clinton Foundation does good things, and the Trump foundation is an octopus with tentacles. Pence the replied that the Trump foundation actually donates to charity, where the Clinton Foundation gives less then ten cents on the dollar to charity.

Kaine says faith helped him uphold the law for the death penalty. Pence says faith gives him the belief of sanctity of life in the womb. Kaine then replied that he and Hillary support Roe vs Wade. Pence replied that he and Trump would never punish a woman for having an abortion, however we should embrace life.

Kaine says that Hillary will make the nation stronger together. She will work across the isle to bring us together, Unlike the insulting Donald Trump.

Pence says we can bring people together with change in Washington D.C.. We will be brought together with great leadership, and America will stand tall together.

My view, I have heard enough from Tim Kaine.