Round Two!

First let me congratulate those who will watch the town hall tonight. For I assure you that tomorrow the news will be filled with lies made by people paid to shape your opinion for personal gain. That being said, time to watch the debate!

In the blue corner, a lifetime politician that has travelled the world and has counted the White House as a previous residence. With her in her corner are the IRS, the Justice Department and of course the media.

In the red corner, a potty mouthed entrepreneur that has just entered politics. With him in his corner, a basket of deplorables, and not much else.

It’s really shaping up to be a David and Goliath type of event. Nobody expects Trump to win, except his deplorable supporters. However in the background a different fight is breaking out between Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Donald compares himself favorably to Bill, who was a very popular president. Of course Hillary finds no comparison between them. Bill got a pass.



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