The Town Hall

Hillary talks about healing, Trump agrees. Then adds we can we be better. The moderator brings up locker room talking. Anderson Cooper then gives Donald J Trump the third degree. Hillary then declares Donald is not fit to be President. Then dresses him down as a sexist and racist. Donald says Hillary is just words and nothing more.

First question, Trump are you the man that walked off that bus. Answer, Bill and Hillary engage in much worse behavior. Hillary than came out with her standard talking points. Trump then said that Michelle is no friend of Hillary. Then Trump says he will get a special prosecutor to look into Hillary’s email. Hillary then says everything Trump says is wrong. She has millions of people fact checking Trump. Trump then says “she belongs in jail” the crowd roared. Hillary says she takes classification seriously. Trump says she doesn’t even know what the C means in classification.

Next question, how to fix Obama care, Hillary says she will fix it, and there are big benefits to having insurance from your employer. If Obama care is repealed you will loose your benefits from your employer. Trump says to repeal and replace it with something better, something that will use competition instead of a single payer system. Hillary says Bill was right when he said Obama care is crazy.  However you cannot tear it up and throw it away. Trump says his plans will be so good because he will have competition.

How will you deal with Islamaphoba, Trump says Muslims will have to report bad activity. Hillary says Muslims are good, and should be part of homeland security. She welcomes Muslims. Trump says he would have never gone to Iraq, he would implement “extreme vetting” of people from Syria. In addition Muslim countries do not take in Syrian refugees. Hillary says Donald will ban people biased on religion. Hillary then says Donald is a recruiting agent for ISIS. Donald says another problem with a porous border is the flow of drugs.

The next question was is it permissible to have a two faced politician? Hillary says Lincoln was, and the Russians are hacking our election to influence the election for Donald Trump. Also Trump should release his taxes. Trump says Hillary says Hillary accused Honest Abe of lying. Donald says we should get along with our neighbors. Donald also says he has no dealings with Russia. Then he says Hillary’s super rich friends pay less taxes than him. Then they give Hillary money to run negative adds on me. Then he says Hillary will raise taxes. Hillary says everything Donald says is not true. Donald will be a massive gift to the rich. Hillary says she voted to close tax loopholes. Hillary says Donald pays zero in taxes, that means no money for government. Donald replies that he followed the rules that Hillary implemented to help her friends. Hillary says Obama and Hillary created the vacuum that allowed ISIS in 32 countries. Hillary then said she helped adoption rules, healthcare rules, and other legislation.

Back to the child in Alepo Syria. Hillary says the situation in Syria is catastrophic, and we need leverage with the Russians. Also we need to work with our partners on the ground. Russia is not to be trusted, and they need to be held accountable. Trump says our nuclear program is a disaster. Trump says Assad and Russia is killing ISIS. Trump says Obama made Iran stronger. Trump says why do we have to broadcast our military intentions. Hillary says she would not use military ground forces in Syria, however she would use special forces. She hopes ISIS will soon be defeated. Also she would arm the Kurds.

Absolutely Trump says he will be a devoted president for all the people. Unlike Hillary labeled some Americans deplorable. Trump says he will do more than talk in rebuilding the inner cities. Hillary says sixtyseven percent of voters voted to reelect her in her last election. She then referred to her anti Trump TV commercials. Asked about deplorable, she said it’s not his supporters, it’s him, and the lack of his apology. Trump says we have a divided nation, and is because of hate her hart.

Trump then defended his Twitter activity. Hillary says the job deserves better.

Hillary says the Supreme Court should reverse Citizens United, and stick with Roe vs Wade. Also a Supreme Court that is not favoring corporate interests. Trump says he would replace the deceased Justice with a like minded justice. Then he says why doesn’t Hillary fund her own campaign, otherwise she is just taking special interest money.

Trump says the EPA is killing our energy industry, we should use clean coal. We need to bring back our workers. Hillary says China is dumping steel and Donald is buying it to build his buildings. Hillary says we should be energy independent, by creating millions of new jobs.

Last question, what do you respect about your opponent. Hillary says she respects Donald’s children. Donald says he respects, Hillary’s respect of his children. He also says he has respect because Hillary doesn’t quit, she is a fighter.

Good debate, I enjoyed it.


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