Round Two, The Decision

Watched some of the commentary about the debate. Unsurprisingly it was all over the map. Different polls had Trump up by two thirds, or down by two thirds. There was some spelling out of policy on immigration in the debate, but as far as I could see the media left that alone.

At one point Trump mentioned letting Russia handle ISIS. To me this is an interesting concept, currently we are fighting on both sides of multiple middle eastern conflicts. I believe that we are involved to protect our oil interests, we could just walk out and buy our oil from Russia. Then again Trump says he will beat the hell out of ISIS, so who knows. Hillary, who bears part of the blame for the messes, wants to arm the Kurds. Essentially an expansion of a already big mess. The Kurds are one of the few peoples in the middle east we have not armed. However during the Bush administration we protected the Kurds with a no fly zone.

Then there was the claim by Hillary that she has millions of people fact checking Trump. Seems that fact checking is the new spin. Her main point is that Trump brags about assaulting women, Trump countered by bringing women assaulted by Bill, or a victim of a rapist that was defended by Hillary to the Debate. Main Stream Media completely ignored that fact. I am truly saddened that the national debate has degenerated into a he said she said arguments. However I also believe that this degeneration has been brought about by the media

At the end of the debate, Hillary said she respects Donald’s children, I wholeheartedly agree, my Facebook profile picture is me arm in arm with Donald Trump Jr. At the end Donald said he respects Hillary’s fighting ability, and the fact that she does not give up. To that I also wholeheartedly agree. As of Columbus Day, every single Trump sign that I have put out by the roadsides has been removed.


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