Mainstream Logic

I am really trying to figure out the logic behind mainstream media. During the first debate Donald J Trump brought up the national debt a number of times, by logic it would be a topic of of discourse. However the national discourse became Trump’s taxes. The second time around Donald mentioned a number of things, however all the discussion revolved around the grabbing of the “P” word. Really? Isn’t that what the entertainment industry is all about? This is what the media wants to talk about? Of all the things, this is what they talk about.

Minstream media, or what I like to call unionized media is under the complete control of Hillary and the DNC. Unions are no longer for working people. The vast majority of union members are government, entertainment, and media employees. For whatever reason, they are beholden to the Democratic party.

Of course there is another media. Hillary calls that media “Alt Media” she does not approve of Alt Media, maybe that is why she doesn’t like me. Or more likely, she cannot control the commentary in Alt Media. The alternative media picks up stories that may not be approved. For example a Romanian cab driver claimed to have hacked Hillary’s email. The result is Hillary then claimed to have released all her emails. Well of course she didn’t. Now the rest of her emails are being released by Wiki Leaks. There are things in those emails that Trump supporters think are illegal. The Main Stream Media never reports on that. The Main Street Media really likes to degenerate Trump supporters though. Hillary even calls for intervention or reeducation of what they call Trumpkins or Trumpsters.

Of course Hillary is not happy about Wiki Leaks publishing her emails. She blames Russia and is willing to engage in Cyber Warfare if she determines the leaks to be damaging. Mainstream Media, it’s her fault! We do not need to be involved in Cyber Warfare. Instead the Mainstream Media attacks Trump and his supporters. They whip up public hatred against Trump and his supporters. As far as I know, Trump has never attacked Hillary supporters. Though he has said some unkind words about the media.

Of course the well to do and wealthy support Hillary. This I do not understand. Do they only look at Mainstream Media? Do they not look at Alt Media? Drive by the wealthy communities and you will see lots of Hillary signs. Drive by the poor communities and you will see lots of Trump signs. Then they like to say smart people support Hillary. I consider myself average, or half of people are smarter then I. I recognize that. So you would think that all these people that are smarter than I could explain why Hillary would be the right choice. The only reason is that they are smarter than I, and that is not logical.

So Hillary is mad at the Russians. The Russians are an autocratic nation that is run by an Oligarchy. Any dissidents are diminished. In my mind that sounds like what having Hillary for president would be like. So the smart people would prefer to be in Russia?

I have to a certain extent embedded myself in the Trump campaign. I have met some really nice and caring people. None of them are bad people. I know that what the Mainstream Media says about them is not true. They don’t care about partisanship, or ideology. They want what is right. The right is somewhat undefined, but they Trust Trump to find it.

So I don’t understand Mainstream Logic, I guess I am just stupid.


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