Twenty One Days To Go

In the last debate, Donald reduced Hillary to a quivering twitching mess. Unable to show herself she has sent out her many surrogates and minions to offer up false and empty  platitudes and promises. Donald meanwhile has set his sights on his greatest adversaries yet, the mainstream media and entertainment industries. These are the bulwarks of Hillary’s regime.

Will Donald J Trump prevail? Or will the massive forces allied with Hillary Rodham Clinton finally snuff out the Trump campaign. Unhappy with with the continuous disclosure of emails from the Hillary campaign President Obama has engaged Wiki Leaks with cyber warfare. At this point it’s unclear who will be the winner. However for those who pay attention, Wiki Leaks paints a picture of massive corruption within the Clinton campaign.

Wiki Leaks also has published evidence of widespread collusion between the Hillary campaign, the government and the media. Hillary’s power is no fantasy. This great wall of interlinked entities that Donald is up against. A most formidable barrier. However my view is such a massive and corrupt organization will collapse from its own internal rot. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. At some point some sort of battering ram will take it down.

Hillary’s minions are frightened and in a panic. They are pulling out all the stops to stop Donald, and they are failing. Their wall, as supported by the polls is still standing. Though if you just pause, you can feel the ground quiver. Hillary’s great wall, composed of the current administration, the Justice department, the IRS and the FBI, the mainstream media, and the entertainment industry, is quivering and shaking. Undermined by the internet and the Alt media the foundations of Hillary’s monolithic and evil empire are crumbling.

Donald and his band of deplorables, who aren’t really bad people, are at the battering ram. Swinging away at at the gates of corruption.

We’ll see what happens in twenty one days.



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