Trump Make Hurricane Disappear

I had been watching hurricane Matthew. After devastating Haiti (What has the Clinton Foundation done for Haiti?), then ravaging the Bahamas (Been there, what a beautiful place), Matthew approaches the U.S.mainland. Matthew was the biggest hurricane to approach the east coast in over a decade. The hurricanes approach from the Bahamas was slow, as it gained strength. How bad would it be. Millions of people were evacuating along the entire southeast coast. Tension was building.

I went on a road trip to collect some 4 x 8 Trump Signs for the local campaign. I forget how bad the radio is in the truck, so I ended up listening to NPR asking for money. I one point I hear that the eye of hurricane Mathew has touched the coast.

With friends in Florida and the Carolinas I am following the effects of Matthew, when I get home I checked the news. To my surprise the hurricane has disappeared. It seems Donald Trump said a few words and the hurricane has disappeared from the news.

Aye, the power of the media, it is greater than any hurricane. A few words said over a decade ago has greater influence than the biggest hurricane in a decade.

At least he didn’t use the “C” word.


2 thoughts on “Trump Make Hurricane Disappear

  1. Not then but probably dozens of times before and after, has has just about every adult man in the English speaking world.. Get real guys, a huge part of Trump’s support comes from folks who are fed up with PC language proscription. They are all being cheered by his honesty.


  2. Me, I have never used such words. However I hear them and worse everyday at work. I would have to assume that such words are quite common in the entertainment industry. Methinks Trump was using the words in attempt to fit in.
    Amazing that he could make a hurricane disappear with a couple of words.


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