Pence and Kaine, The Debate

The Debate started with good questions from the moderator. Pence came off as polite. Kaine as belligerent, interrupting a number of times. Kaine went down his laundry list and kept on making references to Trump’s TV show The Apprentice. Pence mentioned the debt we are in, and the struggle of the working people. Pence talked about the Trump business. Kaine, said that doesn’t matter, show me the taxes.

A bit of arguing over taxes, then how to support the police. Kaine said police should be community biased. Pence also agreed with community biased, however the police should also have community respect. Pence said the focus should not be on police bias. Kaine then went to say bias was important. Pence then countered that bias should not be assumed.

Kaine then went on the attack to Trump’s potty mouth. Pence then talked about stopping illegal immigration. Pence also mentioned all the endorsements of immigration and police associations. Kaine said that Trump was a campaign of insulting. Pence replied that Hillary called Donald’s supporters deplorable. Kaine then went on to talk about all sorts of nonsense. Pence then said we need to be a nation with boarders, with immigration reform.

Kaine says that terrorism is decreasing, and Hillary will defeat terrorism. Then more Trump trashing. Pence said that America is less safe because of the current administration and Hillary, ISIS was born because of their failings, and we are back at war in Iraq.

How should we vet our immigrants was asked of Pence. Kaine wouldn’t let him answer. He just started arguing about discrimination. Pence said cyber warfare is the new warfare. Then arguing about Hillary’s server.

Is the U.S. responsible for Syria was asked, Pence says we owe the people of Syria. We should establish safe zones. We need to meet Russia with a position of strength. Kaine says Hillary will stand up to Putin, where Donald loves Putin and would be in Putin’s pocket, and we need to go to fifth grade civics. Besides Donald doesn’t pay taxes.

Kaine says Donald is a fool that will cause nuclear proliferation. Hillary stopped Iran from getting the bomb, and killed Bin Laden. Kaine repeated this every time Pence started a sentence. When finally allowed to speak, Pence motioned to Kaine and said that this is what Washington is like. Then said we have a an economy sixteen times larger than the Russian economy, and we should negotiate from a position of strength.

Pence says the Pacific rim should put pressure on North Korea, and negotiate from a position of strength. Pence then said that foreign governments are influencing U.S. politics through the Clinton Foundation. Kaine then said the Clinton Foundation does good things, and the Trump foundation is an octopus with tentacles. Pence the replied that the Trump foundation actually donates to charity, where the Clinton Foundation gives less then ten cents on the dollar to charity.

Kaine says faith helped him uphold the law for the death penalty. Pence says faith gives him the belief of sanctity of life in the womb. Kaine then replied that he and Hillary support Roe vs Wade. Pence replied that he and Trump would never punish a woman for having an abortion, however we should embrace life.

Kaine says that Hillary will make the nation stronger together. She will work across the isle to bring us together, Unlike the insulting Donald Trump.

Pence says we can bring people together with change in Washington D.C.. We will be brought together with great leadership, and America will stand tall together.

My view, I have heard enough from Tim Kaine.


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