Stealing Hillary Signs

I live in one of the most Republican towns in the state. So you would think that I could put up some Trump signs without them being stolen. However they disappear. Signs disappear from roadsides and from people’s yards, on numerous occasions. This is not a local phenomenon. I know it’s happening in neighboring towns and counties.

I thought about boobie trapping the signs with grease spread around the edges. Others have suggested wiping the signs with poison ivy. Or electronic surveillance. I however am not ambitious enough for electronic surveillance, nor is my nature to boobie trap.

So I just replace the missing signs. That’s my nature. However I wonder if Hillary has the same problem, the media says she is also unpopular. There are houses with Hillary signs around. Typically they are the nicest house on the street. Personally I feel that it is cool to be involved in the political process. In my view it is OK to express your political opinions. Just try to stick to facts is my advice.

So is stealing your political opponents signs a valid political expression? I Googled “Stealing Hillary Signs”. I found a lot of people stealing “Hillary For Jail” signs but no actual stealing of Hillary signs.

My conclusion is, for Democrats, stealing is a valid political expression. For Republicans, stealing is not a valid expression. Could somehow this be a manifestation of political philosophy?


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