Stealing Hillary Signs

I live in one of the most Republican towns in the state. So you would think that I could put up some Trump signs without them being stolen. However they disappear. Signs disappear from roadsides and from people’s yards, on numerous occasions. This is not a local phenomenon. I know it’s happening in neighboring towns and counties.

I thought about boobie trapping the signs with grease spread around the edges. Others have suggested wiping the signs with poison ivy. Or electronic surveillance. I however am not ambitious enough for electronic surveillance, nor is my nature to boobie trap.

So I just replace the missing signs. That’s my nature. However I wonder if Hillary has the same problem, the media says she is also unpopular. There are houses with Hillary signs around. Typically they are the nicest house on the street. Personally I feel that it is cool to be involved in the political process. In my view it is OK to express your political opinions. Just try to stick to facts is my advice.

So is stealing your political opponents signs a valid political expression? I Googled “Stealing Hillary Signs”. I found a lot of people stealing “Hillary For Jail” signs but no actual stealing of Hillary signs.

My conclusion is, for Democrats, stealing is a valid political expression. For Republicans, stealing is not a valid expression. Could somehow this be a manifestation of political philosophy?

White Lives Don’t Matter

The focus on racism the last few months have brought back several disturbing memories.

When I was in high school I wanted to take basketball in gym. I had completely forgotten that I was told only blacks could play basketball. They were disadvantaged and could make money playing basketball. I however could ride my bike to school and get gym credit. If I did that the school district could save money on busing. Funny, the school district had a fleet of Blue Oldsmobile Vista Cruisers with wood grain siding. The were used to individually chauffeur the special needs students. One of the Oldsmobiles ran me into a parked car. The frame of my bicycle broke into three pieces. Fortunately my science teacher saw me and brought me home. Unfortunately the school district refused to compensate me for the bicycle. I am always surprised when white people play basketball.

In college I was doing my laundry late at night. A group of black people came up and flattened me out. I had completely forgotten about the racist words they used first. I was to find out that these were important black people and if I were to press assault charges they could be kicked out of school and their lives would be ruined. I figured I had no broken bones so I accepted their apology. I left the school the next year.

Somehow I ended up living in a dorm with forty Iranians and a black guy. I convinced the Iranians that I was not a member of Slovak. Then I introduced them to Christmas, and set up a Christmas tree. It was back when I could eat nuts, they gave me pistachios. I was pleased. I had completely forgotten that two of them darkly said that America was taking something from them. I was not sure what they meant, but I was assured that it was not oil. It was something like culture.

Please don’t talk to me about racism. For white lives never mattered in my life. I had just forgotten that I don’t matter. For those who insist on reminding me, thanks for the memories. I didn’t need them.

The World Is Flat

The sun revolves around the earth. The world is flat. If you think about it, these would be mutually exclusive concepts. But they both were true, as proven by consensus.

I am willing to believe that things I think of being true, may not be.

Do You Blame Her?

It’s an interesting line from Donald after remarking that Hillary may not sleep with Bill. I had thought that a candidates sex life went off the table as fodder during the first Clinton administration. Such as, who cares? However Donald’s potty mouth has become the overwhelming focus of the Hillary campaign. It’s not like there has never been a politician with a potty mouth. I just filter it out, as the media used too. Just to note, Donald doesn’t have a true potty mouth. His mouth is just not uber polished politically correct. Anyway Donald aimed his potty mouth at Hillary’s husband Bill, and his misadventures. How could any respectable woman sleep with Bill was the implication.

Then the pause, the broad smile, and “Do you blame her?”. I loved the implications and sincerely hope he goes no further. For it really is none of our business. However both the far left and the far right believe Hillary is a lesbian, or possibly bisexual. With his smile, Donald showed acceptance of the lifestyle of his fiercest competitor.

Long ago I partied at Wesley, and knew some of Hillary’s contemporaries at that school. I have it on good knowledge that, yes she is.

Trump Tax Time

Surprise! The white house controlled IRS could not contain themselves. By not releasing his tax returns, Donald caused the administration to show how corrupt they really are. Who, other than Donald’s accountants would have access to his returns?

At least it is more interesting than the chatter about what Donald said about Miss what’s her name 20 years ago.

In other unreported news BLM vandalised Trump’s New D.C. hotel. Online, Hillary’s Hateful Trolls are out in force. While I have always thought public figures are fair game for criticism, I have never thought it was fair to disparage a candidates supporters. Or vandalize property. I have been called stupid before, but today’s words are beyond the pail. At times I actually fear for my safety. How much of the public’s hate of Trump is caused by the media?

I am beginning to think that part of the media hate for Trump is because he has shown them to be somewhat ineffectual in shaping public opinion. This is very dangerous for them, as their very good living depends on their ability to sell opinion.

Dulce Domum

Old Glory, Symbol of our endeavors, a representation of our sweet home and country. Well worn and improved with age, flapping and waving in the wind. Love it, defend it. It’s our flag. From our outposts on the moon, to the front yard of a humble abode, it is a representation of the society that makes us great.

Some do not believe we are a great society, they don’t respect the flag. When you see the two presidential candidates, see which one is wearing the flag.


It is reported that the Saudis have made very substantial contributions to the Clinton campaign. I think the Saudis have contributed about a third of the entire Clinton campaign budget, an amount that is greater than the entire Trump primary campaign budget. I am not positive on this, but their contributions have been substantial.

Never mind your beliefs that Bush lied, the reasons we fought the Gulf Wars was to keep the Saudis happy. We have defense treaties with them to ensure a supply of oil. It is that simple. Saddam made them nervous. I believe Obama assisted Iran with their pursuit of of the bomb to achieve a certain parity in the region. He probably believed we unfairly assisted the Saudis.

So what are the Saudis to do? They are now at a regional disadvantage. Obviously their plan is to invest in the next administration. They need more influence in the region. It may be military or diplomatic influence, or more likely both. In addition they need to assure that they will have a market for their products. Domestic energy security on our part would not be good for them.

A Saudi influence in the next administration would probably mean less energy security for our country. Additionally we would be at a greater risk of military intervention in the Gulf to protect our, and the Saudi interests.