Do You Blame Her?

It’s an interesting line from Donald after remarking that Hillary may not sleep with Bill. I had thought that a candidates sex life went off the table as fodder during the first Clinton administration. Such as, who cares? However Donald’s potty mouth has become the overwhelming focus of the Hillary campaign. It’s not like there has never been a politician with a potty mouth. I just filter it out, as the media used too. Just to note, Donald doesn’t have a true potty mouth. His mouth is just not uber polished politically correct. Anyway Donald aimed his potty mouth at Hillary’s husband Bill, and his misadventures. How could any respectable woman sleep with Bill was the implication.

Then the pause, the broad smile, and “Do you blame her?”. I loved the implications and sincerely hope he goes no further. For it really is none of our business. However both the far left and the far right believe Hillary is a lesbian, or possibly bisexual. With his smile, Donald showed acceptance of the lifestyle of his fiercest competitor.

Long ago I partied at Wesley, and knew some of Hillary’s contemporaries at that school. I have it on good knowledge that, yes she is.


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