Trump Tax Time

Surprise! The white house controlled IRS could not contain themselves. By not releasing his tax returns, Donald caused the administration to show how corrupt they really are. Who, other than Donald’s accountants would have access to his returns?

At least it is more interesting than the chatter about what Donald said about Miss what’s her name 20 years ago.

In other unreported news BLM vandalised Trump’s New D.C. hotel. Online, Hillary’s Hateful Trolls are out in force. While I have always thought public figures are fair game for criticism, I have never thought it was fair to disparage a candidates supporters. Or vandalize property. I have been called stupid before, but today’s words are beyond the pail. At times I actually fear for my safety. How much of the public’s hate of Trump is caused by the media?

I am beginning to think that part of the media hate for Trump is because he has shown them to be somewhat ineffectual in shaping public opinion. This is very dangerous for them, as their very good living depends on their ability to sell opinion.


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