Fifty One Percent

Electoral College, Caucasus, are archaic remnants of the pre-telegraph stagecoach era. Or so I thought. I was surprised that when Al Gore won the popular election, and lost the Electoral College, that there were not demands for reform. There were a few calls to change the rules during the process, but no calls after. After losing, they just blamed Bush. Then called for climate change.

The rules are the rules, not sure if the spirit of the rules, or the letter of the rules are being followed. However that is the name of the game, and why I do not like politics.


2 thoughts on “Fifty One Percent

  1. Bubbe, you more than most people ought to be aware that party primaries are not government functions so they make their own rules for their own members. Although many state parties use government voting facilities the votes have no direct effect on government functions. People who participate in those votes are not acting a citizens, they are acting a registered members of a political party; and they are not voting for a presidential candidate, they are voting for delegates who will take their preferences to a convention where the delegates will select a nominee. There is no government sanctioned election until the two (or more) nominees are voted on at the general election. Did you miss that lesson in high-school Civics?


  2. Hi Ernie, Maybe you misunderstood the title. Fifty One Percent alludes to the goal of the convention. I am fully aware of how the system works. I said the rules are the rules. I think they are what worked in the Stagecoach era. I do not think the rules should be changed midstream. I am not happy with the personal attacks which I have suffered (See my next post). I do not agree with the ends justify the means, and have seen that in action. By the way, thank you for your comment.

    P.S. I always say vote for whom you think is the best for the job. I can respect you for your opinion.


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