Me and the Machine

I never really liked politics, however I like machines. So would I like the political machine? Good question. My father was politically active, and I thought it made him unhappy. Though he did enjoy the process. After working for his candidate, he suffered a bit of buyers remorse. He was emotionally involved with the process. I try to be emotionally detached, in the past I have made observations that have gone against grain. Folks do not believe me. So here I write them down, then I can see and say what I thought. I participate because it is more fun to have a horse in the race, do I make a difference? Most likely not. At best I reflect the thoughts of others. For myself, I have been immensely impressed by the process. Do I like it? No, it is more like a street fight, I think some people have a lot at stake, be it real or imagined. Myself, I view it as civic duty. I am happy and have a job, and would not be directly impacted by any policy discussions of any campaign. I’m inclined to view national debt as the most important issue. If anyone was to actually listen to me, I would want an exemption for part 103 ultralights to replace the five gallons of gas with thirty pounds of batteries. The problem is nobody knows what I am talking about. So I just keep my mouth shut and paddle along. In the back of my mind I dream of affordable electric aircraft.


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