Pavlovian Responses

My opinion doesn’t matter. Nobody cares what I think, and if I were to think, somebody would tell me what they think, and they would think that I am wrong. That’s just the way I think. So I observe politics devolving into partisan pavlovian responses, that is just the way it is. Who listens a complete sentence? Let’s take a segment from one of Trump’s most famous lines “Temporary Ban” How temporary is temporary? Who are the experts to decide? Just curious as these would be rational questions. Instead it’s totally off the wall responses about crazy Trump.

Most Pavlovian responses to politics fall into one of four categories, name calling, threats, random facts, and silence. Not too often, are there enquiring questions. Maybe you may know more than I about the subject matter?

Pavlovian responses are formed from conditioning. Amazing how we have been conditioned.


2 thoughts on “Pavlovian Responses

  1. Thank you for the complement Ernie. Excessively thoughtful is a new one on me though. Usually I just view it as my point of view. Everyone is entitled to their own.


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