Que Pasa

The government is an organization to provide for the collective needs of its citizens. It is essentially a service industry. Corruption is when the government’s purpose becomes to provide for the needs of a few, at the expense of the whole.

My initial attraction to Trump was his huge success in the service industry. Secondary attraction is the self funding aspect, and the implied immunity to corruption. Like a great corporation seeking a new CEO, our government has elections to select it’s leaders. The CEO can come from inside or outside the organization.

In my view it comes down to customer service, and corruptablity. One candidate has proven history of customer service. Two candidates are demonstrating aspects of incorruptiblity.


2 thoughts on “Que Pasa

  1. Wrong, Bubba! Government’s first responsibility is to protect it’s citizens from external harm and to keep us from harming each other. I guess you could call that a collective need but it’s much more focused than “providing for” which implies entitlements. But you’re absolutely right about the few vs the whole. My answer to that is to replace the income tax with a retail consumption tax with no exemptions so everybody pays. As for Trump, he appears to have no focus at all. It’s likely his policies would change from day to day depending upon his mood.


  2. Security is the primary collective need. National infrastructure is another major need. Then there are other government services, of which there are many. Personally I believe the Donald has lots of focus, and tremendous energy. I do not agree with everything he says, however when I do disagree, he is probably right. Thank you for the comment.


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