SR71 Blackbird

A most excellent example of spy craft is the SR71, also known as the Blackbird. The SR71 was a very fast aircraft built in the 1960’s and used to spy on the Soviet Union. The SR71 was built largely of titanium. Most interestingly, the titanium used to build the Blackbird was procured from the Soviet Union. Talk about spy craft.

Link yes this Bubba likes aircraft!

/ see the Clinton Fundation post on how to fund a campaign with spy craft.

Clinton Fundation

Did the Clinton Foundation fund, and provide workers for the Trump campaign? The reason would be to divide the Republican Party and hand the Presidency to Hillary. Well this Bubba does not know any real inside information, however it would be pretty funny if Trump did accept funding and workers from the Clintons, and then won. Talk about the art of the deal.

/see the SR71 post

The Big Post

The Donald has his work cut out for him, he is going to take on the greatest Cabal of them all. The Democrat Media Union. Most people know that Democrats and Unions fiercely support each other. Woe be to anybody that can potentially disrupt that union. Most people do not realize that the there is a third leg to that union. The media. The media is heavily unionized, and does not care for disruption for their status quo. If that was not enough, the entertainment industry is also unionized. Do not forget, that both the government and education system are also unionized. Most everybody else is not unionized.

So everywhere we look for information and guidance is unionized. They follow the polls, and can tweak public opinion to keep it looking close. I used to pay Teamster Union Dues, I wonder what life would be like if I still paid them.

As a side note, both my car and truck were built in unionized auto plants. For my little red convertible, I give thanks to the US Military and the Atomic bomb. The little red convertible was built in Hiroshima Japan.

More Guns

In Bubba’s opinion, guns set in the back of a bedroom drawer, or locked up in a gun cabinet. That is until you tell people that you want to take them away from them. They then take them out and dust them off, they hold them in their hands and think, wow that is really cool. Then they show them to their friends, and say how cool they are. Then their friends go out and buy more guns. Then they go out and shot them (the guns that is, only occasionally do people shoot their friends). The guns really symbolize freedom. Freedom from tyranny from an oppressive government. It wasn’t all that long ago since the revolution

Donald Trump eats a Bug!

You know the picture, Donald is sitting there looking like he ate a bug. Yes his mouth is actually closed! You know what he is doing? He is listening. That contorted visage is a look of concentration. He is looking right through your soul, determining your motivations. The motivations of your associates, and why they are taking up his time. I would love to see a flowchart of his thoughts. A map of the neurons. Me, I am simple. The Donald is not. I would not want to waste his time. He is out to make America great. He does listen, and if you have a good idea, he will act.

The Middle East

The Genius of the Obama Presidency was to walk out of the middle east. The lives of many service men were saved, and the price of oil went way down. Both good things for our economy. Some say he forgot to close the door when he left, and now Vladimir is in charge. What that means will be seen down the road.

President Berack Obama

Today President Obama did his party a disservice when he came out for gun control after a madman targeted and killed Christians. I am sure there is more to the story as I write this, however if I may say the President asked us to look at the statistics. The President has also asked us to include color in the national debate. My view is simply, subtract the people of color from the statistics, and what do you get.

Bernie Sanders

Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump will be addressing the “No Labels” Convention in Manchester NH on the 12th of October. Sometimes Trump and Sanders tweet out very similar messages. I do not know if it is just me, but look forward to a debate between the bombastic and the rage. Definitely not the same old politics.