The Big Post

The Donald has his work cut out for him, he is going to take on the greatest Cabal of them all. The Democrat Media Union. Most people know that Democrats and Unions fiercely support each other. Woe be to anybody that can potentially disrupt that union. Most people do not realize that the there is a third leg to that union. The media. The media is heavily unionized, and does not care for disruption for their status quo. If that was not enough, the entertainment industry is also unionized. Do not forget, that both the government and education system are also unionized. Most everybody else is not unionized.

So everywhere we look for information and guidance is unionized. They follow the polls, and can tweak public opinion to keep it looking close. I used to pay Teamster Union Dues, I wonder what life would be like if I still paid them.

As a side note, both my car and truck were built in unionized auto plants. For my little red convertible, I give thanks to the US Military and the Atomic bomb. The little red convertible was built in Hiroshima Japan.


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