The Comey Nothingburger

What a yawn. The highly anticipated (by the left) testimony confirmed nothing new. There is still zero evidence that President Trump had anything to do with the Russians. General Flynn lied about something to do with the Russians, and was fired for it. We still do not know what he did. Comey confirmed that he was a leaking information to start investigations into the Trump administration. Lastly there was a big argument about the meaning of “Hope”.

So I tuned in to the Rachel Maddow Show to see how the left viewed the testimony. She is number one in cable now that Bill O’Reilly is gone. Since the Left all think the same thought, all I have to do is listen to Rachel for a few minutes and I would know what the Left is believing. She was absolutely giddy to inform me that there was a secret meeting between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Russian Ambassador. This is why the the Attorney General would recuse himself from the Russian influence investigation.

I was wondering how Rachel would know about a secret meeting that nobody (without intelligence access) would know about. The answer in my mind is that the Russians are actually colluding with the Democrats. So then I wonder what was said? The answer is probably pretty obvious. The Russian Ambassador to Jeff Sessions that the American media is going to crush your president. Then he implied that he leases a thousand internet media trolls for a very good rate from American media companies.

In the snowflake reality world, the media did a faceplant. There was no Trump collusion, only lies from the media. President Trump for his part patiently waited till the next day. Then he came out swinging. Willing to testify under oath about what he said were lies in Comeys testimony. We shall see.

Back to the Rachel Maddow Show. After she told me about the secret meeting, she said that it is all known to the intelligence committee. Politics continues to amaze me, for I was totally not expecting what happened next. Rachel points her finger at me and says that I have to run for public office. She then goes on about President Trump is guilty of obstructing justice. That is what is going on in those secret meetings, and to find out how (she points her finger at me again) I absolutely have to run for office. She was quite adamant that I run.

I was aghast! It would cost millions to run for Senate. People would call me names, ask me questions. I would have to do stuff. Not only that, if I had to do stuff. She wouldn’t like it! Then she would like about me. Not only is the woman a liar, she is a nut. I changed the channel to watch The Five instead. Slightly closer to reality they were.


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