The Snowflake Reality Winner

This is a sad sad sad story. Trump supporters have labeled those who cannot accept the election results as snowflakes. Presumably because they had existential meltdowns. This is the story of one snowflake, who just happened to have the name Reality Winner.

The first sadness is that our systems have failed us. Our educational system produced acceptance of irrational response as a political ideology. Science Math Engineering Technology are no longer relevant to education. The religious belief of the evils of Co2 takes precedence. Words of anger have replaced rational response.

The second sadness is 25 year old Reality Leigh Winner broke the law and was caught. She will probably go to jail and be a footnote in this partisan battle. Otherwise she would have been a fine bright young lady. Reality is a loser in this. Hillary the loser made the snowflake Winner, and will pay no price. There would be no snowflakes if Hillary had won! However she lost because she is not a winner, so we now have snowflakes. In the world of snowflakes, Reality Winner is the big loser. Thank You Hillary. So sad.

The third sadness, and potentially the biggest sadness, is I think that this is hysterically funny. The double entendre is more than I can stand. It is a sadness that we have snowflakes. I am sure Reality Winner believes she did the right thing. The courts will figure out the penalty for her beliefs. I offer no judgement. Distraught by the election this Reality Winner believed the climate would now destroy us. She then professed hate towards the president and released national secrets in an attempt to discredit him. A stereotypical snowflake, with that name, does such a boneheaded thing. So sad, and I find it funny.


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