Words Matter

A frequent criticism of President Trump is that his words matter. Much is made about his tweets and his use of words. It’s true he has used negative words like little, lying, low energy and even crooked when describing his political opponents. He likes descriptors like big, amazing, winning, and big league for things he likes. If he doesn’t like something, get ready for failed and loser. Pretty much the President uses simple words. I may be forgetting some words like extreme and great, but you get the idea.

The Presidents opponents use much fancier words, words with much more meaning. Unhinged, Racist, Fascist, Misogynist, are just the beginning. I am talking about what his political opponents say, let alone what the media and the partisans have to say. By using creative verbiage they endeavor to verbally bludgeon those who disagree with their opinion.

I myself have succumbed to creative verbiage. In fact I enjoy the creativity. However other than calling Liberals a simple organic lifeforms with a singular strategy for survival I try to be kind. The key to Bill Clintons success has been attributed to the slogan “It’s the economy stupid”. In the decades since, the word stupid has been used to describe those who do not agree with the Clintonion logic. It has been a very successful tactic. I have endeavored not to use that word as a descriptor. It is to much overused.

Everyone has the right to an opinion, I suppose the president does too. For he is the armchair quarterback that bought the team. The sidewalk superintendent that built the building. The salesman that made the sale. He has his right to an opinion as you are to yours, and I am to mine.

The words of the president are ultimately much softer and kinder than his opponents.


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