Zero Population Growth, a Retrospective

I just want to contemplate if this planet can be overpopulated. Or if population is simply self-regulating. Ernie Bridge, who has commented numerous times on on my thoughts here on Bubbatrump started hospice today. He has been concerned about the overpopulation of the planet, and wants us to contemplate the implications. Simply put, population growth has been exponential. In nature there are many population cycles. I have not really thought to much about natural cycles, mostly I am aware of extinction events caused by cosmic events. I like to say individually we are more likely to go extinct as a species than winning Powerball. In reality there are also resource based population cycles. When food is scarce, females have fewer babies, or there is starvation. We, mankind, are also capable of self extermination. Not sure of there are any other species capable of self extermination.

Do we have a natural self preservation instinct as species? It is natural to in many natural cases to self sacrifice for the cause of the species. Or have we evolved into a individual centric ideology that places the value of the self over the whole of the species? Religion proclaims go forth and multiply. Trying to think if religion advocates the benefit of the group over self. Nationalism however rewards the health of the nation over individualism.

Ernie thinks we may be exceeding our available resources on the planet as he passes to the beyond. These were the same beliefs of my father as he passed. Ernie and my dad both had different political ideologies, but they agreed in this principle. I wonder if my father will be there to greet Ernie when he arrives. Anyway I inherited a bit of my father’s contrarian ways. So I believe that mankind can grow and thrive. We can develop new resources and explore new worlds. We can increase productivity and efficiency to match our growth. In fact that has been what is happening. We have become more populous because we have improved our abilities. Yes there will be setbacks, we are not perfect. Hopefully we will learn from our mistakes and recover.

“On The Beach” is a book of the post apoplectic world after nuclear war that takes place in 1963. A book that I have not read yet. I wonder if it is sequel to the book Nineteen Eighty Four, an older book that defined my generation. Both books define the dangers of the future that were perceived at the time.

Nuclear war is a danger. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. I hope all nuclear weapons will be dismantled. I do believe that it could be a possibility to do so. For my fears I look to history. My fear of the moment is the Cultural Revolution. Probably not a real fear, but something to be concerned about. More or less I am optimistic about our future. Life is good.

Godspeed Ernie, may peace be wIth you.


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