The Weeks Real News – ATC, Apprenticeship, Qatar, and the First Cabinet

For some real news I would like to mention the Trump infrastructure plan to privatise Air Traffic Control. This may or may not be a good thing. There is obviously room for huge improvements. The infrastructure is hugely outdated. I believe that some of the electronics used by Air Traffic Control still uses tube electronics. I am familiar with the current plans for updating ATC and it is not a very good plan. It is even more complex than the current system, it is more expensive too. The worst part, for the local airports there is no improvement in service. The current plans should immediately be placed on hold while something better is rolled out. I’m hoping that something better is approved. Personally I think it is because there is something better out there that there is not a lot of information about the plan to replace ATC. Let’s look for recommendations from some other parties beside the FAA.

Another Trump plan unveiled this week is to promote and encourage apprenticeship. Apprenticeship is a historically traditional method of achieving employment. Hands on learning is not a bad thing, and rewards can be great. Let’s see where the president goes with this. As a bit of background, I spent most of my life working with my hands, also I never watched the TV show “The Apprentice”.

In the middle east Qatar (pronounced Cutter?) Has suddenly been isolated by their Arab neighbours. The only access to Qatar is by plane or ship. This is because there is now a blockade of Qatar by those neighboring Arab states that have broken off diplomatic relations with Qatar. The diplomatic spat was reportedly caused by Qatari support of terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar, the richest nation in the world on a per capita basis, has responded by flying in four thousand cows so they could have fresh milk. Qatar has stated that they will not allow their sovereignty to be impugned. Qatar is the home of outspoken news organization Al Jazeera and has no problem letting their opinions be known. Qatar has no intention of being dictated to diplomatically for any reason. Additionally, just to keep it interesting our largest military base located in the middle east, is in Qatar. So this is a very interesting situation that gets very little news. I was reading a WSJ article about terrorism and Qatar and saw a comment in the comments section claiming that the whole Qatar thing had absolutely nothing to do with the Trump anti terrorism agenda as proposed in the article. The diplomatic spat is instead all about natural gas, and the Qatari desire to run a natural gas pipeline to Europe through Syria. Something that the Russians do not want, as they want to supply natural gas to Europe. This is the real reason why the Russians are involved in Syria. I was shocked to read this. Those who do not like Trump are pretty unified in their belief that the war in Syria was caused by global warming, not by what was proposed by this particular anti Trump commentator. Personally I am more inclined to believe that the war is about control of natural resources. Qatar and Iran are cooperating to make sure Qatar has all the food and other resources that the need.

Finally in what could be the most important news of the week, President Trump now has a full cabinet. He had his first full cabinet meeting yesterday. Hopefully they will develop a positive and successful agenda.

I will resume my coverage of fake news as soon as I see it.


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