The D.C. Swamp Rat Times

Attorney General Jeff Sessions unbelievably went wading into the viper infested swamp by giving testimony under oath in open session. This is dangerous for the best of lawyers as their will be thousands of opponents in politics and media ready to pick apart the testimony looking for flaws and inconsistencies. Legally very very dangerous waters.

I actually watched a bit of the testimony, and my reaction was what a waste of time and money. The Trump Russia connection is very obviously false news. Implored by the false media, politicians, and civil service employees, to dig just a bit deeper, nothing has been uncovered except for rumor and innuendo propagated by the same false media, politicians, FBI directors and others.

I am beginning to think that we have the worst media in the world. Al Jazeera and the Russia Times seem like beacons of truth in comparison. Sad.

Know what they did in Venezuela today? Protesters burned down the Supreme Court! I buy Citgo gas when I do buy gas because I know it comes from Venezuela. If it comes from Venezuela it does not come from Saudi Arabia. That is my simple logic. Venezuela was a socialist paradise funded by oil. Unfortunately the price of oil has gone down and the government can no longer fund itself. Until recently Venezuela has been held up as a shining example of socialism by the left. Now they cannot feed themselves.

Nobody wants to go to Cuba. Cuba was expected to be the next vacation hot spot. The newly scheduled airline flights are empty though. If you want an uncrowded flight, go to Cuba. Then you could probably go to Venezuela from Cuba on another uncrowded flight. From what I understand, the flights out of Venezuela are packed.

A plea from me to you, drain the swamp. It makes me sick.


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