Oh The Humanity

Last week a lone gunman carried out a carefully planned attack. He had planned to capture his victims in a chain link enclosure, a baseball field with one gate for access. He would pick off his victims one by one with a high powered rifle. He expected no resistance in the gun free zone. After the attack I suspect that he expected to get in his van and drive away. Most fortunately one of his victims had an armed security detail, they returned fire and probably saved many lives.

Within a hour or two the would be assassin had a name James T Hodgkinson. With a few swipes on the phone it was revealed that the would be assassin had specifically targeted Republicans, conveniently they were practising for the congressional baseball game. His Facebook page revealed he was a Democratic that supported, and volunteered for Bernie Sanders. He did not like Hillary Clinton and hated Donald Trump. He was a union tradesman and demonstrated for taxing the rich, he wanted a much higher tax rate for the rich. He was a fan of Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow.

Basically James T Hodgkinson was the confluence of what I call the Media Union Democrat alliance of hate. Other reactions were the Democrats on the hill put down their partisanship for a day and prayed with the Republicans for the five people wounded by the would be assassin. Bernie Sanders was properly horrified by the despicable act.

That evening I watched Rachel Maddow for her reaction. The shooter had written that hers was one of his favorite TV shows. He also liked her for president in 2020. I wanted to know what do you say when you’re an inspiration for the despicable. Rachel gave a graphic description of how the violence happened then she said Steve Scalise was not a victim of a hate crime, but a victim of gun violence. Normal gun violence. Essentially she said Republicans like guns, and by association gun violence. I do not think that she actually said it, but she sure inferred that he got what he had coming. I had tuned in a bit early so I would not miss her first words. She was preceded by Chris Hayes, he said that violence was not the solution, then he reminded the viewers that Steve Scalise was known to associate with the KKK.

I only watched about 15 minutes before I changed the channel. I needed time to think. In the next day or two a judge in Boston convicted a girl for talking her boyfriend into killing himself. She used electronic media to do so. So I wonder if Rachel is guilty of manslaughter because a fan of hers got himself killed by letting hate sown by her and media germinate within him.


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